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Liquid Reunion! Liquid Reunion!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey, hows it going, I just thought I would review your music you have here.

First off, you have a nice melody going, simple drums, maybe a little too simple though. all in all, it is a good song, however, you do need a few things in there.

1: Your song lacks bass, which I shall hereby refer to as the middleman. You know how most people are telling you to cut out the middleman, well don't listen to them, the middleman is your friend, he makes songs good, leave him in there. I mean seriously, if someone tells you they cut out the middleman, don't listen to them, they probably have bad music anyway.
2: the melody is a little fast for my taste, this however is not a bad thing, you might want to search for "Dimrain47" if you like this kind of music.
By the by, let me know when you make a new song, I'd like to see how you progress.
Also, it must have taken a damn long time to make that melody.
practice makes perfect :P

Noizaholic responds:

yeah it does.
Melody is my main focus right now.
Drums i will practice harder on.

thanks for the review i will let u know for a new song and let me no the same for you. Dimrain47 i will look at.

thank you for ther review.

{GBD} The Strange Dream {GBD} The Strange Dream

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'm not one for polka, but this was awesome.
and hooray for audacity

DoobyTimePiece responds:

hooray indeed if it wasent for audacity half of my songs would suck hard and be all funky. thanks for the review and enjoy the POLKA

Fallen heart Fallen heart

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Interesting song you got there.

Orion928 responds:

heh thx it should loop perfectly and its a sipmple song too.

Festival of Spectres Festival of Spectres

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Two in one day, huh? Wow!

This song is just amazing. So many different things happening! By the by, do mind my asking why you put thunder in there? It works really well with the song, but I have never heard a tetris remix with thunder and rain before. It seemes as if you used the thunder as part of the drums(maybe I'm just insane?). You are really good at this music thing.

Just so you know, I downloaded "A World Beyond Midnight" for the counter thing.

Also, if there is a high quality version of this song, could you send it to me?

thanks in advance.

-that guy what reviewed some of your songs.

Mataro responds:

Never heard a Tetris remix with thunder and rain? Well I'm glad I could be unique, haha. And really I am starting to get better, but I'm still way below most other guys on the AP. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and the thunder and rain were because I was trying to create an odd, almost eery festive sound. And there is a high quality version, I'll send it to you alongside the other as soon as my Email starts working again -.-. And lastly, this wasn't two in one day, actually, two in two days, its just the difference in timezones, I must have caught the NG server at the end of their timezone, haha. Thanks again ^^.

Broken Remote Broken Remote

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This song is calming. Too calming.

No, its just fine the way it is. And a relaxing song as well. It's just awesome when the drums kick in. Nice and clean too. It appears that you have established yourself as one of the good newgrounds musicians. From what I know, there aren't too many.

By the by, if you have some free time, could you check out some of my stuff and then proceed to tell me why I suck?

Neon Riddles Neon Riddles

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You sir are very good at making music, therefore this song is the cat's pajamas.

Mataro responds:

I'm very good at making music? Haha, I'm decent I think, it would be nice if I could get a hold of some VSTs, but you have to order most of them online, and I don't have a credit card lol -.-... Oh well, if you think this music is good, you should take a look at MusicalSerenity, DavidOrr, and MaestroRage. They are all far more talented than me- for the moment, as I am told, haha. Thanks again, nothing better than being pajamas for a feline! =p

A World Beyond Midnight A World Beyond Midnight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Silent Hill?

I have never played a Silent Hill game, so this song is new to me. I must say that the piano is quite good and fitting for this song, or, rather, the beat fits the piano, or both.
Might I have the high quality version?

I would give this a 5/5, but it would probably be 0'd by sone person who hasn't listened to it, so I hope that you will be content with a 4.

Could you review some of my stuff if you have some free time, its quite existant.

Mataro responds:

Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thank you, it seems better to start off with a 4 instead of a 5, haha. I'll get to mailing you it right away, but for the sake of keeping tally, I'd ask you download this one, then you can delete it as you wish. It's just so I know a number, haha. Thank you very much! =D

Dreamerz: Fading Into Time Dreamerz: Fading Into Time

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey its some good stuff.

You said to review your stuff, so I took it upon myself to do so. I do not know anything when it comes to FL studio, so I can't really offer suggestions, nor do I think this song needs anything to be added to it. I can, however, tell you that this is a calming song and is going on my "sleep" playlist. Good job on this. You are more successful with FL studio than I could ever hope to be.

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Cheerz 2 t3h s133P p1aY1i5t : )

-Cool man, thanks for the comments. You can be better than me, you have to want it and go for the goal : )



Why Birds Sleep Well (Part 2) Why Birds Sleep Well (Part 2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Falling asleep

This song is hypnotizing and calming. Its great to listen to when trying to fall asleep. I have no idea what that distorted sound was, but it was awesome and worked quite well with the song. Great job!

Gillenium responds:

"Its great to listen to when trying to fall asleep" Exactly what I was going for with this whole project actually! Glad to see I achieved this goal. Thanks for the review.

warzone warzone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

7.5 actually

This is pretty good actually. You just have to let it get going. too bad your friend isn't on newgrounds.

Jacque-de-la-morte responds:

Yeah, fuck you 2, man!